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Sepon is an open-pit Gold and Copper mine in Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR. Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) is the registered name of the company which owns and operates Sepon. Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co., Ltd owns 90 per cent of LXML.

Since operations commenced in 2003, LXML Sepon has produced over 1.1 million tonnes of copper cathode and over 53 tonnes of gold. In 2022, Sepon produced 6,600 tonnes of copper and 6.7 tonnes of gold. In 2023, our planned production forecast is over 6 tonnes of gold and 7,000 tonnes of copper, LXML has contributed over US$1.7 billion in direct revenue to the Lao Government through taxes, royalties and dividends. Indirect benefits through employment, training, community, and local business development programs have also contributed significantly to social and economic development in the Lao PDR.


Kunming Vice Mayor Visits LXML Vientiane Office
Kunming Vice Mayor Visits LXML Vientiane Office

Vientiane, Lao PDR - Mr. Dai Huiming, Vice Mayor of Kunming, Yunnan Province, and his accompanied Delegates paid a visit to Lao PDR on September 12, 2023. As part of his itinerary, Mr. Dai visited Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) Vientiane office. During the visit, Mr. Saman Aneka, Managing Director of LXML, and the CSR Team received Mr. Dai and provided a presentation on Chifeng - LXML's Corporate Social Responses which consistently deliver sustainable benefits to the local community’s host to the Sepon Project Operations. The three main programs for community development include food security through agriculture, the Education for next generations, and Community Public Health.

Chifeng-LXML opens the opportunity for employment, capacity building to Lao national, promotion to local contractors including the suppliers and the service from Vilabouly district and Savannakhet province. Chifeng LXML is running the appropriated Environmental Social Management, Mitigation Plans at well acceptable international standard.

As a result of good performance, LXML is consistently receiving Govt. Credential at Grade A (+), Development Medal, Class 1 Lao Labor Medal, Best Operational Award, and carrying on the Executive VVIP Member to the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as its achievements and awards in environmental governance and Mining Excellence in SEAN.

LXML is one of the top international mining investors in Laos apart from Phou Bia Mining (PBM) Co. As time goes by, Chifeng – LXML has successively supported the Lao National Vocational College through an MoU for several years in the past and the last MoU with Lao German Technic-Vocational College commenced from 2022 toward 2025.  By the way, the Company has kept on providing moderate assistance packs to the many excellent students from the Vilabouly district throughout the years.  Chifeng-LXML used to have a corporate program with the Yunnan Bureau of Cultural Heritage in the casual mission to the Sepon Project to share the study on artifacts and historical heritage around the mine site. Chifeng Gold is seeking growth opportunities both within Lao PDR and worldwide.

Mr. Saman also highlighted LXML's active promotion of business relations between China and Laos, such as Weifang University's education and training opportunities for Savannakhet Province. "We are honored to welcome Mr. Dai to our Vientiane office," said Mr. Saman " LXML is committed to being a responsible and sustainable mining company and is proud to continue making positive contributions to Laos Country’s Socio-Economy, Local Authorities, local community, and the environment.

Mr. Dai commended Chifeng Gold for its exemplary reputation and successful operations in China, he expressed his interest in the operations of LXML and its contributions to the local communities and the environment. He also expressed his appreciation for LXML's efforts in promoting business relations between China and Laos and its commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices. Mr. Dai said, “I hope in the future LXML will collaborate with mining companies in Kunming to further enhance the capacity of both companies and strengthen future sustainable development”. He also expressed support for the education sector in Laos and highlighted the opportunities for LXML to provide training to its staff. Additionally, he extended an invitation to LXML staff and the people of Laos to visit Kunming, if a company or individual business expresses interest in the copper processing business or other minerals in Yunnan, the Vice Mayor extends a warm welcome.

LXML remains committed to its mission of being a responsible and sustainable mining company and looks forward to continuing its positive contributions to the local community and environment while promoting business relations between China and Laos.

September 13, 2023
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LXML Handover of “Lilad-Lileng” Gravity Water System to Nampakhen Villagers, Vilabouly District
LXML Handover of “Lilad-Lileng” Gravity Water System to Nampakhen Villagers, Vilabouly District

30 August 2023 - Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) participated in the handover ceremony of the Lilad-Lileng Gravity Water System to Nampakhen Villagers, Vilabouly District, which will be used for agricultural purposes. This project was made possible through the support of the LXML Community Trust Fund, provided by Lane Xang Minerals Limited at a total cost of US$ 10,612. The project's timeline started from July 24, 2020, to August 24, 2023, taking a total of three years to complete. The handover ceremony was attended by Mr. Valiya Sichanthongthip, Mayor of Vilabouly District, Office of Agriculture and Vilabouly District authorities, Mr. Saman Aneka, Managing Director of LXML, along with technical officers from the company, representatives from the public sector and Nampakhen village authorities, and the villagers.

The development project for the “Lilad-Lileng” Gravity Water System is set to provide a multitude of benefits directly to the people of Nampakhen Village. Most notably, it will facilitate food production in the area, thereby having a significant impact on the agricultural productivity of the local community. The system will provide a reliable source of water for irrigation throughout the year, enabling farmers to cultivate their crops even during the dry season. The resulting increase in income will improve their food security and the overall well-being of the community. This project is a testament to the LXML Community Trust Fund’s ongoing efforts to support sustainable development in the Vilabouly District.

During the event, Mr. Valiya's remarks highlighted the significant contribution of LXML in addressing the challenges facing the agriculture sector and local communities. Through its funding and focused efforts in agriculture, LXML has not only improved food security but also provided opportunities for local farmers to increase their productivity and income. The sustainable tourism initiatives supported by LXML have also helped to generate employment and income for the local communities, contributing to the overall economic development of the region. Furthermore, LXML's commitment to promoting farming and livestock through the provision of working capital has enabled farmers to access the necessary resources to improve their agricultural practices, leading to better yields and increased profitability.

Mr. Saman Aneka, Managing Director of LXML, emphasized the company's commitment to fostering sustainable development in the Vilabouly District. He highlighted ongoing initiatives, including the Community Trust Fund and the Fund for Assistance to the Disadvantaged Groups (FADG), which have provided a total of 1,200,000,000 kips to 54 families in need from 2019 to 2023. The Fund has supported implementing 260 projects in 47 communities, amounting to US$3.4 million. Mr. Saman also stated that LXML will continue to contribute to the socio-economic development of Laos by producing 6.2 tons of gold in 2023. He expressed confidence that these efforts will lead to long-term, sustainable growth and prosperity for the people of Vilabouly District.

The Chief of Nampakhen Village expressed his appreciation to the government and LXML management for their financial support and provision of equipment for the development of this project. This initiative serves as a valuable aid to bolster the growth of agriculture and foster the socio-economic advancement of Nampakhen Village. The project will provide a platform for residents to engage in agricultural production, thereby creating opportunities to earn a livelihood.

The Community Trust Fund project has provided numerous benefits for the local community residing in the surroundings of the Sepon mine for over 19 years. The funding has increased from US$96,000 to US$750,000 per year and will persist until the ultimate phase of the mining project is concluded.

September 01, 2023
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LXML Sepon through its VVIP Executive Membership Continues Decade-Long Support to LNCCI
LXML Sepon through its VVIP Executive Membership Continues Decade-Long Support to LNCCI

23 August 2023 – LXML's Managing Director and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Mr. Saman Aneka presented the LXML’s Executive VVIP Membership Registering Fee at LAK 80 million to the Lao National Chamber of Commercial & Industry (LNCCI) received the contribution by Mr. Daovone Prachanthavong – Standing Vice President to LNCCI and his Board. This VVIP Membership is the top honorary position in the LNCCI organization, it marks LXML reaching more than ten years of supporting to the LNCCI's capacity building and promoting growth in the Laos Business Sector.

During the event, Mr. Saman also debriefed Mr. Daovone on the good records of cooperation between LNCCI and LXML for a long period of time in the past, and by ways the LXML team with Chifeng LXML are delivering the best effective community development receiving good participation from the local people living in the community host to the Sepon Project highlighted ongoing initiatives, such as the food security through the agriculture and irrigation, the education and communal health programs, as well as plans for future projects aimed at improving the well-being of local communities.

Mr. Saman emphasized the importance of engaging with community members and stakeholders to ensure that their voices are heard and that their needs are addressed. He also stressed the need for sustainable development practices that minimize environmental impact and promote long-term economic growth in the host community and Lao country.

Since its establishment in 2003, Sepon Mine has produced over 1.5 million ounces of gold and 1.1 million tons of copper, generating direct revenue of over US$1.7 billion in taxes, royalties, and dividends for the Lao PDR. The mine has also provided significant indirect benefits through employment, training, community development, and payments to local business partners and suppliers. Sepon's community development programs have delivered over US$20 million worth of projects and investments, benefitting more than 40,000 people in Vilabouly District, while local business groups have received US$50 million in community income.

LXML's commitment to excellence has earned it an A+ rating from the Lao government for a decade, and the company has received numerous awards acknowledging its contributions to economic and social development in Laos. These include the 2023 Lao Business Leader Award for recognition as a leading company in compliance with international environmental standards, the 2021 Outstanding Business Leader Award for COVID-19 prevention in Laos, the 2020 ASEAN Business Award for Combating COVID-19, the ASEAN Minerals Awards in 2019 and 2017, the 2016 ASEAN Award for Mining Excellence and ASEAN Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Development.

As LXML Sepon prepares to mark its 20th anniversary of mining in November, the company plans to celebrate its achievements, recognize the contributions of its employees, partners, and stakeholders, and renew its commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices.

LXML remains dedicated to responsible mining practices and supporting Lao development as a valued partner.

August 24, 2023
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Workshop on BSB41419 Certificate IV WSH Successfully Conducted at Sepon Site
Workshop on BSB41419 Certificate IV WSH Successfully Conducted at Sepon Site
LXML Sepon has successfully conducted a six-day workshop on BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WSH). It is an Australian-accredited qualification conducted by an external trainer from Host Safety & Training in Australia. A total of 16 participants involved in safety duties were nominated by the SHE Department to attend the course, which covered five sections, namely safety, emergency response, occupational health & hygiene, environment, and training. The course included presentations, discussions, and a review of safety documents and procedures.

This certificate applies to individuals working in a Work Health and Safety (WHS) role who provide a broad range of technical knowledge and skills and have some limited responsibility for the output of others and it applies to those working as supervisors, WHS personnel, and workers in other WHS-related roles who manage risks effectively, apply relevant WHS laws, and contribute to WHS within the workplace in known or changing contexts with established parameters.

This workshop is a significant milestone for LXML Sepon in its commitment to providing professional development opportunities for its employees in safety roles. After the workshop, the participants gained valuable understanding and skills to conduct safety duties, safety management, and reinforce safety compliance.

August 04, 2023
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