Savannakhet Governor visits Sepon mine to review COVID-19 measures

August 27, 2021

Yesterday, Savannakhet Governor, Mr Santhiphab Phomevihane and a delegation from Savannakhet Health Department visited Sepon mine and Vilabouly District to review COVID-19 preventive measures. Governor Santhiphap inspected LXML Clinic to view testing of employees, quarantine and isolation centers, contact tracing, and other preventive measures.

This week, LXML reported 7 confirmed cases including 5 contractors and 2 employees. All of the positive cases are in a stable condition in treatment facilities in Savannakhet.

With the rising number of cases in Savannakhet where our mine is located, and across Lao PDR, LXML has implemented strict measures to prevent COVID-19 at Sepon, including Antigen testing for all employees and contractors before returning to site.  We have vaccinated more than 99% of our entire workforce of 5,000 people.  Our team is moving quickly and working with district and provincial authorities to contact trace, test, and isolate potential cases.

We have tested 3,300 employees and contractors over the last two days, with almost 2,000 tests today all returning negative results. We aim to complete testing of our entire workforce by Sunday.  To date we have had 13 positive Antigen test results that are waiting for a confirmation PCR test.  We will continue testing and trace any cases to ensure the safety of our workforce and local communities.

Today LXML provided Vilabouly Hospital with antigen test kits and will continue to support the community to prevent spread of the virus.

We have strict COVID-19 prevention measures in place and will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, and communities close to Sepon mine.

Governor Santiphab Phomevihane hears update about COVID-19 preventive measures and situation from LXML team at Sepon mine site on 26 August 2021. ທ່ານເຈົ້າແຂວງ ສັນຕິພາບ ພົມວິຫານ ຮັບຟັງການລາຍງານກ່ຽວກັບ ມາດຕະການປ້ອງກັນ COVID-19 ແລະ ສະພາບການຢູ່ພາກສະໜາມ ຈາກ ທີມງານ ລຊມລ, ຢູ່ ພາກສະໜາເຊໂປນ ໃນວັນທີ 26 ສິງຫາ 2021.