LXML Sepon Mine Recognises 228 Employees for Long Service

November 30, 2021

Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) Sepon Mine recently celebrated 228 employees for service ranging from five to twenty years. LXML holds a award ceremony every year coinciding with Lao National Day to acknowledge employees for their contribution to the operation’s success.

This year marks 28 years for LXML Sepon since its inception, and almost 20 years since operations commenced. Approximately five thousand employees and contractors have contributed to the growth of LXML Sepon, learning professional skills and creating livelihoods.

94 per cent of LXML employees are Lao, 75 per cent are from local communities, and more than 20 per cent of these are women. Over several decades, LXML has invested millions of dollars in human resource development, including scholarships, internships, on-the-job training, and apprenticeship programs. LXML is continuing to support career growth and employee aspirations to develop Lao professionals for the benefit of the Lao PDR.

Since operations commenced, LXML Sepon has contributed over US$1.5 billion in direct revenue through taxes and royalties to the Lao Government, and hundreds of millions in indirect benefits through community development, employment, and training.

“The skills and experience employees have attained throughout the years are invaluable” said Paul Harris, LXML General Manager in his address to this year’s awardees. “These skills are an asset for LXML, and assets that will reside with you wherever your work in Lao PDR.”

“Employees are our number one asset, and they deliver our safe production living our values each and every day” added Paul Harris. “The last two years have been especially challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping employees away from families and requiring them to complete quarantine and longer rosters. I am very proud and thankful to our 5,000 employees and contractors for their ongoing contribution to our success.”

This year the long-service award ceremony was scaled-down in observation of COVID-19 preventive measures and awards were handed to employees by managers in low key events to avoid large gatherings.

LXML has provided approximately US$500,000 in support through the Ministry of Health at central, provincial and district level to support the Lao Government’s response to COVID-19, including testing and medical equipment, and construction of dedicated quarantine and sanitation facilities.