HE Mr Khamphanh Phommathat, Politburo Member and President Party Inspection Committee, Visits Sepon Mine

July 16, 2021

HE Khamphanh Phommathat, member of the Politburo and Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, President of the Party Inspection Committee, and Chair of the State Inspection Authority, and Head of the Anti-Corruption Authority and a large delegation, visited Sepon Mine on 16 July 2021 to review progress in increasing gold production, environmental compliance, safety standards, COVID-19 compliance measures, community development achievements, and cooperation with the local authority.

LXML is a model enterprise in Lao PDR and is consistently awarded an A+ rating by the Ministry of Energy and Mines for maintaining international mining standards.

“LXML is committed to cooperation and open communication as a development partner with the Lao Government” said Mr Saman Aneka, LXML Managing Director. “LXML is proud of our contribution to socio-economic development in Lao PDR.”

Since operations commenced in 2003, Sepon mine has produced over 1.2 million ounces of gold and 1 million tonnes of copper cathode; contributing over US$1.5 billion in direct revenue to the Lao PDR in taxes, royalties, and dividends.

Indirect benefits through employment, training, community development, and payments to local contract partners and suppliers (including EDL, Lao State Fuel, Savan Logistics) have also had a significant positive impact on social and economic development in Laos. LXML has invested millions of dollars in development and training.  More than 40,000 people in Vilabouly benefit from community development programs totalling US$13 million worth of projects and investment (through annual trust fund and livelihood projects targeted towards the most vulnerable families near Sepon mine), and community income through local business groups has accumulated to US$33 million. LXML currently employs approximately 5,000 people during a development phase to build new plant and equipment to increase gold production and extend the life of the mine.

As a significant development partner and taxpayer in Lao PDR, LXML is committed to mining for excellence and prosperity for all.