Community Engagement on Mine Safety

March 18, 2022

Since January 2022, our Community Relations engaged community members about the risks of unauthorized entry and safety issues around mining sites. It is important to continuously work closely with local leaders to spread the message about safety hazards and access to mining areas.

Our team has reached 61 people in five villages, raising awareness on the dangers of unauthorized entry, including safety along haul roads and other hazards.

In accordance with COVID-19 restrictions, sessions limited the number of participants to include key village leaders and local authorities who will disperse key messages through village loudspeakers and word of mouth to the community.

In addition to these forums, the Community Relations team engaged with community members on important issues related to community development and LXML operations.

The community engagement team will visit five more villages around Sepon mine in the coming weeks to continue to send the message around safety near mining areas.

ບ້ານປ່າດົງ, 12 ກຸມພາ 2022 | Ban Padong, 12 February 2022