Mate-to-Mate Interview

April 07, 2022

On 31 March 2022, coinciding with International Women’s month, our Sales and Marketing Superintendent Ms Dalyvone Soudachanh had a lively chat in AustCham’s Mate to Mate livestreaming. Here, Ms Soudachanh highlights how LXML promotes women empowerment in a traditionally male dominated industry like mining and how it has been like for her as a woman and having worked with LXML for nearly twenty years. Click Here to Listen

At LXML, our values define how we treat each other. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive working environment where every employee is valued for their unique contribution. At LXML, all voices are heard, all cultures and languages are respected. We acknowledge how diversity guides us to move forward and work together. We know that cooperation and dialogue are essential to our success.

LXML has successfully developed local employees, 95% are Lao and 20% are women. Millions of dollars have been invested in human resource development since 2003. Sepon offers preferential recruitment of local people, which helps maintain the support of local communities. On top of this, LXML provides training and development to employees in various disciplines, scholarships to Australia, and on-the-job training to build future Lao professionals