Daomany Chanphakeo, Government Relations Senior Superintendent’s view on IWD 2023

March 20, 2023

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. In your opinion, how can digital technology and innovation deliver greater gender equality?

Gender equality is an integral factor of an inclusive workplace. It fosters diverse and complementary perspectives that leads to better results. Digital technology is a platform that demonstrates gender equality for more efficient work deliverables.   

In jobs you have worked in, or in areas of society, have you seen issues of equality evolve over time?

I generally think women work very hard and carry heavy weight of responsibility on their shoulder. We women are detailed and result-oriented. Issues of gender equality play out during work divisions where women are tasked with the detailed and sensitive areas while men are given the more technical aspect of work. If everyone can mutually agree on work allocations, the gender-related issues could be minimized.

If we want to encourage gender equality, then everyone should respect one another. Gender equality can be created if everyone listens and is open to other’s views for a better change.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role, and what have you learned from these?

I’ve had the chance to learn from and work with the company’s senior management. The great attention, persistent learning and dedication has enabled me to satisfactorily deliver the work entrusted to me.

What advice would you have for women working in the mining industry to succeed in their careers?

Although the mining industry are dominated by men, but women working in this industry promote and support the business for smooth and good outcome. I also see that men always recognize and acknowledge women’s capability.

Any other thoughts you have on International Women’s Day?

International Womens’ Day is the day we celebrate the achievements we’ve attained through commitment, dedication, knowledge and skills we put into for our organization and ourselves. These achievements reflect that LXML’s women workforce are capable and experienced to contribute in all facets of the organization equally as men. We all play part in the growth and reputation of the organization and Lao PDR. Women can work in the mining sector without boundaries, doing many things, model a good outstanding employee, and a good mom for her child.