Community Visits LXML Sepon Mine’s Underground Exploration Project

May 06, 2022

On 4 May 2022, four village leaders from Meung Luang Village and Vilabouly District authority visited Sepon’s Underground Exploration Project to review how underground mining will proceed and assess any potential impact. Meuang Luang Village is located approximately two kilometers from Sepon’s Discovery East pit where the access of Sepon’s underground tunnel is located. Visitors witnessed blasting and entered the tunnel after clearance to review progress.

“Currently, there are minimal noise and vibration in my village” said Mr Phonexay Voneviman, Meuang Luang Village Chief. “Having witnessed the blast and entering the tunnel opening, I can now appreciate the underground mining process better, and can constructively address any concerns raised by my community. We will visit again once the tunnel progresses to the next stages.”

The visit was hosted by Chifeng LXML President, Mr Fu Xuesheng, and Underground Mining Manager, Mr Jason Keily.

“We are implementing best practice to minimize impact on host communities,” said Jason. “We are continuing to work closely with host communities and district authorities to address concerns, raise awareness, and ensure we are sharing the benefits from mining activities.”

Underground exploration will support the future of Sepon mine to contribute to the socio-economic growth of the Lao PDR beyond 2033. Chifeng LXML Sepon is planning to build the first modern underground mine in Lao PDR, bringing transferrable expertise and special techniques to the country.