Workshop on BSB41419 Certificate IV WSH Successfully Conducted at Sepon Site

August 04, 2023

LXML Sepon has successfully conducted a six-day workshop on BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WSH). It is an Australian-accredited qualification conducted by an external trainer from Host Safety & Training in Australia. A total of 16 participants involved in safety duties were nominated by the SHE Department to attend the course, which covered five sections, namely safety, emergency response, occupational health & hygiene, environment, and training. The course included presentations, discussions, and a review of safety documents and procedures.

This certificate applies to individuals working in a Work Health and Safety (WHS) role who provide a broad range of technical knowledge and skills and have some limited responsibility for the output of others and it applies to those working as supervisors, WHS personnel, and workers in other WHS-related roles who manage risks effectively, apply relevant WHS laws, and contribute to WHS within the workplace in known or changing contexts with established parameters.

This workshop is a significant milestone for LXML Sepon in its commitment to providing professional development opportunities for its employees in safety roles. After the workshop, the participants gained valuable understanding and skills to conduct safety duties, safety management, and reinforce safety compliance.