LXML Sepon Mine Congratulates Employees for The Long Service Award

December 20, 2023

Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR – Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) Sepon Mine honored 192 employees for their long-standing service, ranging from five to thirty years. Among them, 49 employees have dedicated five years, 49 have reached the milestone of ten years, 69 have committed 15 years, 24 have achieved 20 years, and one remarkable individual has contributed for 30 years.

LXML recently commemorated 20 years of successful operations of the Sepon Mine. Throughout its existence, over 10,000 employees have played a significant role in the growth of LXML Sepon, acquiring professional skills and creating sustainable livelihoods.

Of the total workforce of around 5,000 employees and contractors, a substantial 95% are Lao nationals, with 63% from local communities, and 25% representing women. For the past two decades, LXML has invested millions of dollars in human resource development, encompassing scholarships, internships, on-the-job training, and apprenticeship programs. By continuing to prioritize career growth and employee aspirations, LXML aims to cultivate Lao professionals for the advancement of the Lao PDR.

In August 2022, LXML initiated a partnership with the Lao German Technical College to offer technical scholarships to communities in the Vilabouly District near the Sepon mine. Apprentices will undergo vocational training in electrical-electronic, mechanical, fabrication, heavy equipment, and automotive technology trades. Upon completion, they will have the opportunity to secure employment with LXML. This program is set to run until 2027.

Since the commencement of operations in 2003, LXML has invested millions of dollars in training, scholarships, apprenticeships, traineeships, and internships. More than 105 Lao participants have graduated from the apprenticeship program, and 36 professionals have successfully completed overseas higher education scholarships.

To date, LXML has provided over 23,000 training hours to Lao employees through internal, external, on-the-job training, and overseas study. Since June 2022, LXML has reinstated its popular Supervisor and Leadership Development programs to support the next generation of Lao mining professionals.

Since operations commenced, LXML Sepon has contributed over US$1.7 billion in direct revenue through taxes and royalties to the Lao Government, along with hundreds of millions in indirect benefits through community development, employment, and training.