LXML donated 85,000 native fish species to the 14 villages surrounding the Sepon Mine

July 26, 2023

On 19 July 2023, the handover ceremony of fish species was held at Nong Sa Yai, Vilabouly District, Savannakhet Province to release the fish into the river. The participants of the handover ceremony were Mr. Valiya Sichanthongthip, the Mayor of Vilabouly District, Mr. Saman Aneka, the Managing Director of LXML, technical officers from the company, representatives from public sectors, village authorities, and Bung Kham and Sope Kong villagers. Mr. Khamxai Inthapanya, head of Vilabouly district agriculture and forestry office, reported that this initiative aligns with the socio-economic development plan of the district, which focuses on promoting agricultural production to increase income for the community and villagers, it also aligns with the direction of the management of Vilabouly district and LXML regarding the celebration of National Aquatic and Wildlife Conservation Day on July 13, 2023. The Agriculture and Forestry Office of Vilabouly district planned to release more than 1,500,000 fish throughout the district, including 200 bags of fish that LXML supported in two locations: Nong Sa Yai of the district and Huai Kot reservoir at Sope Kong Village. This donation is part of LXML's ongoing commitment to support the communities surrounding Sepon Mines and will continue to provide support to other villages according to the plan. Currently, there are 1,958 fishponds throughout Vilabouly district, including 37 village ponds, three focus ponds, and 1,422 farmers' ponds. The goal is to ensure the conservation, protection, and development of aquatic and wildlife in 2023, to meet the consumption of fish meat, and ensure the enrichment of nature, mountains, forests, water sources, and rivers to live in harmony with nature for the benefits of our future and the healthy ecosystems.