LXML Sepon Invests in Vilabouly’s Next Generation

September 27, 2022

22 September 2022 – Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML), in cooperation with Vilabouly District Education Office, dedicated three new classrooms and sanitary facilities valued at US$36,950 to Phoukam Secondary School in Boungkham Village, Vilabouly District, Savannaket Province where Sepon Mine is located. Vilabouly Vice Governor, Mr Bounneuang Chanhom, LXML representatives, teachers, and students, witnessed a modest handover ceremony for the new buildings at the school.

On the same day, Vilabouly Information, Culture and Tourism Office and LXML, in the presence of Vilabouly Governor, Mr Valiya Sichanthongthip, celebrated a traditional music promotion project. LXML provided financial support and equipment for students in Vilabouly District to learn Lao traditional musical instruments to preserve valuable cultural heritage. To date, LXML has contributed US$10,000 for this project, creating opportunities for 30 aspiring young Lao musicians.

LXML’s Community Development Fund supports communities around Sepon Mine with $750,000 every year, focusing on three development pillars: food security and commercial agricultural production (30%); education, scholarships, and incentives for outstanding and vulnerable students; and community primary health projects (20%).  The remainder is allocated to other development projects in consultation with local communities, including US$25,000 for a Disaster Rehabilitation and Response Fund, which provided support during the COVID-19 pandemic and floods.

To date, LXML has invested over US$11 million in Vilabouly through the Community Development Fund and other community development projects, benefitting over 40,000 community members and their families with key infrastructure, support, and services. Decades ago, Vilabouly was classified as a ‘very poor’ district, but due to employment, commerce, and community development, it is emerging as a thriving and busy district.

Handover Ceremony of school facilities to Phoukham Secondary School, Boungkham Villagge, Vilabouly District, Savannakhet Province on 22 September 2022.
Students who have undergone the Lao traditional music instrument training showcase at the project completion ceremony.