Sepon’s Community Trust Fund 2020

On 5 Dec 2020, LXML Sepon (LXML) handed nine projects under the company’s Community Trust Fund Program with a combined value of US$831,982 to Vilabouly District, Savanakhet Province.
Part of the commitment enshrined in the Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan (ESMMP)  to communities impacted by development of Sepon mine, the purpose of the Trust Fund is to ensure local people benefit from improved and safer roads access, food security, education, and healthcare.

The nine projects include six roads improvement projects includes, Route 28A in Vilabouly (US$668,982), solar power generated lights for main road ($63,000), rice paddy field expansion for villagers near by the mine ($15,000), and a new X-Ray machine for Vilabouly Hospital (US$85,000).

“I’m proud of this contribution to the development of Vilabouly District,” said Mr Saman Aneka, LXML Managing Director. “This ongoing commitment will help to ensure that the livelihood and wellbeing of our host community will be secured beyond the life of mine.”

Since 2003, more than US$13 million has been invested in the Community Development Trust Fund focused on improving the basic infrastructure, community health, education for future generations, and food security. The Trust Fund assists Vilabouly District Government to manage social and other impacts from the mine and supports local communities by improving living conditions.

“Due LXML’s support through the Trust Fund and other community development, access to clean water and sanitation, infrastructure, healthcare, electricity, education, agriculture, and the preservation of cultural heritage in Vilabouly District are making progress” said Mr Khamphouy Sibounheung, Vilabouly District Governor. “On behalf of Vilabouly District and the local community, I would like to express my sincere thanks to LXML for its generous support to the development of Vilabouly District”.

LXML’s Community Development Trust Fund has increased significantly over the years that the mine has been in operation from US$96,000 to US$750,000 per annum in recognition of the expansion of the mining area and associated impact. This contribution will continue for at least another ten years, laying a solid basis for sustainable development in the area following the eventual closure of the mine.

Chair of the National Assembly Economic, Technology and Environment Committee H.E Bounpone Sisoulath, Vilabouly District Governor Mr Khamphouy Sibounheuang, LXML President Mr Fu Xuesheng, LXML Managing Director Mr Saman Aneka, LXML Vice General Manager Mr Carl Baker Duly, and LXML Executive Advisor Mr Khamsay Vilayvong (former Vilabouly District Governor) presided over the handover of the new road and other projects in the presence of district and village representatives, land owners and surrounding villagers.

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