Crane operator at copper plant

Copper Operation

Since Copper production commenced in 2005, Sepon produced over 1 million tonnes of copper cathode. Sepon produces copper cathode using a whole-of-ore leach, solvent extract and electrowinning (SX-EW) process. Copper cathodes are then transported via road and sea to manufacturers of cable, wire and tube in Asia.

Gold Operation

Sepon Gold operation first started in 2003 and ceased in 2013 due to margin
and grade. However, studies and ground work are in progress to resume gold
production, in Quarter 3 of 2020, for at least ten years. Gold exploration has
resumed with plans to extend Sepon’s mine life by at least another ten years.
Projected production of gold doré is 230,000 ounces (6 tonnes) per year.

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