Celebrating 30 Years of Service to LXML

On 2 Dec 2020, Sepon mine celebrated the 45th Anniversary of Lao National Day and 2nd Anniversary of Chifeng operations in Lao PDR.

A major highlight is celebrating the contribution to LXML by long serving employees. This year, 181 employees celebrated 5 years service, 112 employees 10 years, 71 employees 15 years, 7 employees 20 years, 3 employees for 25 years, and 2 employees with 30 years service!

We acknowledged Mr Saman Aneka, Managing Director of LXML (right) and Mr Osoth Insixiengmai, Advisor Government Relations (left),  for 30 years dedicated service with the award of special trophy from Mr Fu Xuesheng, LXML President.

Together, Mr Saman and Mr Osoth discovered Sepon mine many decades ago. They both played an important role in the development and success of LXML, which we celebrate today.

Congratulations and thanks to Mr Saman and Mr Osoth for 30 years of dedicated loyal service to LXML.

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